Reverse-engineering the whole yoga system.
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2021-12-12 00:41:34 UTC
To any reflective people out there anywhere:

I have it on good authority that there are complete instructions on many secret techniques that are called the 'Maharishi Tantras' by insiders. They are sometimes also called 'termas' because they are instructions that M has 'hidden away' for future generations to discover, being much to advanced for the present state of society. YMMV.

However, not being privy to these and other instructions directly from M himelf and having to rely on the rather sparse data provided by my informants here at A.M.T. and FFL, most of whom haven't been anywhere near a Golden Dome or a yogi in forty years, IF EVER, and not having the time to fly to Utter Kashi myself, I have reverse-engineered many of the most important yoga techniques, based on years of reflection, intuition, research, and personal experience.

One thing is pretty certain, even at this early stage of research, I probably won't get enlightenment sitting in a bathtub, farting, and snapping at the bubbles!

And, there is so much else to do and so little time to be doing it in!

For example, I could wave my fingers at a cabbie and request to be taken to a mall.
2021-12-12 00:47:27 UTC
Many years ago, while overhearing phrases at a yoga camp-meet, I memorized twenty-two esoteric finger symbols, but not the twenty-third, one so secret that the Master exhibited it only under the dimmest of lights and under the cover of a shawl, and only this to a very select audience, on special occasions.

After all these years I have finally reverse-engineered the full mudra system, and be happy to report, without the least hesitation, that the mysterious twenty-third secret mudra is none other than the left-handed, inverted, finger-snap, accompanied by the vocal sound 'phat' - as in the 'phata, phata' sound of an Indian motor-rickshaw, and is the key to understanding of life itself. YMMV.