koti shiva linga temple near hyderabad
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2013-10-27 16:01:07 UTC
we are starting a koti (one crore) shiva linga (narmada bana) temple near hyderabad soon. we are right now developing the temple site. you shall be given all the details including site development photos in the mails to follow. we are collecting contributions from devotees for the establishment and maintenance of temple and activities like annadaana, gosala, nature cure hospital etc. we are collecting Rs. 516 for each linga to be put in the name of the contributor and one day's archana in the name of contributor or in the name suggested by the contributor. archana will be performed on one particular day, for life time, for those who contribute 10 lingas by paying Rs. 5,160/- in his/her/the nominee's name. the donees will be informed one day before the archana day. if the donee can not attend the archana, the video clipping of the archana will be emailed to the donee's mail id.
the huge shiva linga which accommodates one crore smaller shiva lingas will be given daily archanas. the devotees will have the blessings of one crore linga, which are being worshiped daily. till the actual huge linga is placed, a temporary big linga which accommodates 1008 smaller lingas will be worshiped daily in the temple.
we seek you support in this regard. you will be paid some amount out of the contribution. in this way you are not only serving god but also gaining something out of it. if you are interested please give us your mobile no. or someone who may be interested in collecting contributions. there is nothing to doubt. we will be putting the site and other development photos in our website regularly. you may give a missed call to 8187832359 or call on 9885943775 or mail to ***@gmail.com for more details.
koti shiva linga temple.
2013-11-23 14:27:05 UTC
When you experience other states of consciousness, your awareness is expanded. You realize that there is something beyond, or transcendental to, the states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping. This other state is a fourth state, called in Sanskrit 'turiya', (fourth). MMY has called this state the 'Absolute' (page 182 SBAL).

According to the Vedas, you can experience the Absolute by the use of etheogens, Soma, namely Amanita and/or Psilocybin, Rig Veda, (Mandala X. 43-4). MMY says that through yoga, this substance can be secreted in the 'gut'. Patanjali agrees with this and adds, that also through the use the substances, 'simples', in Yoga Sutra (IV, 1.0).

According to Sr. don Juan, there is a 'separate reality'. A state of consciousness beyond the normal states we usually experience. This state can be experienced through the use of etheogens, or according to Patanjali, by the use of yogic enstasis.

The enlightenment tradition in India begins with the historical Buddha - Shakya was the first yogin in recorded history. According to the Shakya, there is 'another shore', beyond the known. We must 'cross over' to the other shore. Go beyond the normal state, transcend the relative, and be free.

However, there is a twist at the end: there really is no 'other shore', and there's really no going. In reality, you are already there, but like looking through a glass, darkly, we can see in the clear light. In the Upanishads we read 'Tat Tvam Asi', 'Thou art That' - (Chandogya 6.) we are already there, but we don't realize it.

In a final twist, Shakya says: 'You take a raft to get to the other shore. When you arrive on that shore, there is no other shore, and no going. Once on the shore you don't need a raft anymore. Only a foolish person would then carry a boat around on his head!' (SM III 8; SS I 9-10).

Read more:

'Soma: Divine Mushroom of Immortality'
By G. Gordon Wasson
Harcourt Brace Javanovich, 1969
Hardback. Illustrated. Index. Rare. Out-of-print. Collectible.

'The Post-Vedic History of the Soma Plant'
By Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty, Ph.D.
Ibid. Page 95.
http://sanskrit.safire.com/pdf/shivasut.pdf ?
jaagratsvapnasuSuptabhede turyaabhogasaMbhavaH
(Hyphenation, or stuff, by B. Mullquist. We can not
guarantee its correctness: )
jaagrat-svapna-suSupta-bhede turya-aabhoga(?)-saMbhavaH
7. Such a Yogi, who has accomplished this stage,
experiences Turiya (Transcendental God
Consciousness) in the other three states also, viz.,
Jagrat (wakefulness), Swapna (dream) and Sushupti
(deep sleep).